Maine Plastic Surgery, Healthcare Center

Maine Plastic Surgery worked with CHA to design a boutique medical practice that balanced the client’s desire for a high-end aesthetic with the functional demands of their clinically based business. The organization of the client’s program became the main driver for the layout of the space which was clearly divided into three contiguous sections. From the third-floor elevator lobby there are two patient entry points at opposite ends that separate and distinguish the consultation/spa functions of the practice from the clinical procedure functions. An unmarked staff entry is tucked between the two, providing the backstage office and support functions for staff to efficiently access from both sides. The need for privacy and discretion influenced the layout and patient flow throughout the facility.

The office interior design has a modern elegance meets industrial aesthetic. A rich mix of sharply contrasting interior finishes include blackened steel, white quartz, patterned glass and reclaimed barn wood inspired by Maine’s rocky coast. Finishes for clinical areas were appropriately selected for their infection prevention properties while maintaining a sense of warmth and adherence to the overall palette. High ceilings, oversized doors and decorative lighting enhance the feeling of elegance. Large windows flood the space with natural light and provide breathtaking views of the surrounding coastal marsh.

The consultation/aesthetic services side includes the reception desk, waiting room, check-out area, photo room, two consult rooms, exam room, aesthetic room and injection room. The procedure side includes the reception/nurses’ station, waiting room, changing/lockers, exam room, 2-bay recovery area, 2 procedure rooms.

  • 2020 AIA Maine Design Awards – Citation Award (Renovation & Adaptive Reuse)