LEX New Runway 9-27 Program

This program constructed a new 4,000-by-75 foot E-W runway replacement for Runway 8-26, parallel and connector taxiways, and a large aircraft remote parking apron. The project also developed a new Taxiway G and a portion of Taxiway F at Group V standards to accommodate 747- 400 aircraft taxi. In addition, the design included the relocation of the existing airfield electrical vault.

Reconstruction options for Runway 8-26 were analyzed; realignment to a 9-27 orientation minimized noise impacts and created space for terminal expansion and general aviation development. Due to this new orientation, relocation plans were developed for glide slope equipment shelter, glide slope antenna array, ASOS, SAWS, LLWAS, and RTR.

Construction phasing was crucial for minimizing closure times and completing the project before the FEI World Equestrian Games.

Project Services:
  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Final Design
  • Construction Administration