Lead in Drinking Water Investigation

CHA assisted the Bergen County Technical and Special Services School Districts in determining if facilities within their school districts contained lead levels in drinking water that exceeded USEPA and NJDEP allowable levels. We developed a strategy that would be compliant with USEPA protocols, provide a reliable assessment to determine lead levels present in the buildings, recommend appropriate remediation measures, and reach a resolution at a minimum cost to the districts.

To accomplish these goals, CHA crafted a sampling plan consisting of three rounds of sampling priority drinking water end use points at 22 buildings within the two districts. The first round collected and analyzed water samples from a small subset of end use points and an intake sample at all buildings. The second round involved a detailed sampling program at buildings exhibiting elevated lead levels, record drawing for each building, and a review of other historic information. The third step sampled end use points where a remedial action had been taken to ascertain that the action reduced the lead content.

Project Services:
  • Health and Safety Plan Development
  • Sample Plan Preparation
  • Water Sample Collection
  • Coordination with Multiple Campuses/Buildings
  • Off-hours Sampling Collection, with Multiple Teams
  • Coordination with the Sub-contracted Laboratory
  • Laboratory Data Reduction
  • Report Preparation