Kirkland Lake Peaking Power Plant

CHA provided engineering services to install a stand-alone, independent peaking gas turbine generator unit at the Kirkland Lake Power Corp. (KLPC) power plant in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. The major project equipment included:

  • Gas turbine generator (GTG) package (nominal 30 MW General Electric LM2500 Plus) complete with air inlet filtration and silencing
  • Fin-fan lubricating oil cooler unit
  • Turbine auxiliary skid
  • Generator lube oil (GLO) skid
  • Remote HMI station
  • CO2 turbine package fire protection bottle skid
  • Static excitation transformer (PPT)
  • GE-supplied Process Control Module (PCM)
  • GE-supplied simple-cycle exhaust system

The GE PCM included the pre-assembled, pre-wired turbine and generator controls and protection, GTG-related motor control center (MCC), batteries and chargers, and the 13.8 kV generator breaker. The 13.8/115 kV switchyard included an 115 kV SF6 circuit breaker, 13.8/115 kV, 24/32/40 MVA step-up transformer, 115 kV overhead transmission line, and 115 kV motorized disconnect switches. The switchyard was connected to the existing KLPC transmission facilities.

Metering, relaying and communication in accordance with HONI, IMO and/or OEFC requirements were included with this equipment in the PCM module. A battery and charger system was provided for generator "B" protection and high-voltage relaying protection.