KeySpan Energy, Ravenswood Plant Repowering

KeySpan Energy — New York City, New York

CHA provided engineering services to repower the aging thermal plant in Ravenswood, Queens, New York. The plant's existing infrastructure included gas supply utilities, two 385 MW steam turbine generators (STGs), 138 kV and 345 kV substations, and Con Edison transmission systems. The reconfiguration focused on heat rate improvement while accommodating for the location's limited physical space. The combination of New York City's increased power demands, environmental concerns and existing infrastructure led to the decision to repower the plant with a new gas turbine generator (GTG), heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), and air-cooled condensers (ACCs) with one or two of the existing STGs.

Phased Configurations:

  • One or two GTG and HRSG per STG
  • Vertical HRSG inside boilerhouse
  • Air-cooled condensers
  • Layouts, schedules, performance and emissions, water consumption, and cost