Jackson Avenue 4kV Circuit Distribution Upgrade

CHA is converting approximately 3.1 miles of Vectren's Jackson Avenue 4kV circuit out of the Colonial 4kV substation to 12kV. Prior to the voltage conversion, upgrades are required to the distribution system, including replacing the existing Jackson Avenue 4kV copper conductors with a standard aluminum conductor, sized to meet load transfer needs during outages. CHA is also replacing poles and equipment to facilitate the voltage conversion and to meet 12kV standards and clearances. CHA will balance load across the converted circuit and design open points & protection as required. Some existing facilities along the route will be rebuilt as deemed necessary to meet Vectren's distribution standards and safe construction practices.

This project consists of approximately 190 mainline poles, many of which are set in fenced rear lots of single-family homes. Also, 90 additional poles are laterals, guying stub poles, and secondary only poles.  CHA also surveyed other locations in the area to accommodate upstream protection schemes and ties. CHA is updating Vectren's GIS information to reflect conditions surveyed in the field, including the correction of overhead services from each transformer within the conversion area, to map them to the proper secondary pole routes.