Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, Gray Headquarters

The new Region A headquarters for the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife houses biologists and the Warden Service. The project weaves together public meeting areas, private offices, processing spaces, and secure law enforcement functions in a compact, cost-effective plan. Designed with a rustic Maine aesthetic, the building is open to the public.

The building is designed with a northern-Maine aesthetic inspired by hunting and fishing camps. The exterior materials were chosen for their aesthetics and durability while paying homage to the Maine forest vernacular. The rustic exterior echoes pine siding in a more durable material and traditional green and rusty brown color scheme. Eastern white pine and cedar are showcased around the front entry. The generous Craftsman-style peaked, bracketed entrance canopy responds to the need for shelter at the door from a harsh climate and welcomes visitors.

A continuously insulated building envelope combined with energy-efficient windows and proper air sealing helps reduce heating and cooling needs. The borate insulation reduces the risk of mold intrusion into the wall assembly. Both the exterior walls and the roof are passively pressurized through a rain-screen system and soffit vents, which promotes drying to the exterior.

The building has two separate mechanical systems, one dedicated to office use and the other for the laboratories. Keeping the lab zone on its own system helps isolate odors and provides a healthier indoor environment.

LED fixtures with occupancy sensors help reduce energy costs and allow the building to function with varying daily occupancies. A post-occupancy survey shows that energy bills are down and office morale is up.