Ingredion 15 MW Cogeneration Plant

CHA designed a 15 MW cogeneration plant for Ingredion’s corn product manufacturing facility to supply reliable electricity and steam demand. This cogeneration plant improves Ingredion’s competitive advantage through lower energy costs, sustains employment, and supports the local agricultural industry, while providing a net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The cogeneration plant is designed with high overall plant efficiency in mind. Its feedwater heat exchanger maximizes heat recovery from turbine exhaust, while its building ventilation system reduces building heating requirements. Other features include a digital electrical load management system that prevents power export to the grid during normal operations and allows the cogeneration plant to continue to operate in islanded mode to supply Ingredion with power and steam during a utility power outage.

The facility’s proximity to noise sensitive areas created an immediate challenge to meet low noise impact requirements. Coupled with the noise concerns were space constraints. The allocated site was a small area bound on all four sides by equipment, buildings and plant access ways. Maintaining critical services during construction to allow continuous operation of the facility with minimum interruption was essential. The project team put substantial effort into developing plans and suitable design for the staged removal, relocation, and integration of services.

Project Services:
  • Detailed planning
  • Progress monitoring
  • Engineering design
  • Communication and coordination