INDOT Safety Studies

INDOT selected CHA to perform safety studies at high crash locations around the state of Indiana. INDOT provided all of the data, including the crash report data for a three-year study period. INDOT selected the high crash locations based on its internal ranking of crashes statewide and input from the districts around the state. Traffic volume data, plans and signal timing data were also furnished. Project elements for each study included:

  • Crash data analysis - crash results were tabulated and graphically displayed on an aerial view of the crash location
  • Calculation of Index of Crash Frequency (ICF) and Index of Crash Cost (ICC) using RoadHat software
  • Capacity and signal timing analysis
  • A Field Check meeting with INDOT officials. Crash results were discussed, and the crash location inspected
  • Data collection, including pertinent notes, photographs and measurements of each location
  • Input Meetings at the INDOT District offices. Attendees included INDOT officials as well as state and local police
  • Initial findings and recommendations were presented, and input was solicited
  • Preparation of cost estimates for the recommended improvements
  • Submittal of an Abbreviated Engineering Review Report to INDOT as the final deliverable