Indianapolis Cultural Trail

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail is unique in its design and as a partnership between private and public entities across the city. This 8.0-mile trail project weaves an open space thread through downtown Indianapolis and celebrates the cultural attractions and districts of the city. It serves as the central hub of the Indianapolis Greenway Trail system—linking neighborhoods and commercial districts of Greater Indianapolis with an overall bicycle and pedestrian network and interconnects Indianapolis’ designated cultural districts. This project is a nationally recognized inter-connection of greenways, culture, and arts.

CHA coordinated necessary meetings with public officials and traveling public representatives. An extensive public outreach effort included weekly bicycle tours by team members, brown bag lunches for the public to learn about the project, exhibit booths at community festivals, articles in Metropolis and The Washington Post, and the creation of a website. Additionally, the development of computer renderings showed the public what the project looked like before construction, and 3D drive-thru visualizations were created to mimic the feel of what it would be like to travel the trail.

Project Services:
  • Program Manager
  • Scheduling
  • Cost Control
  • Public Outreach
  • Design Management
  • Design Review
  • Construction Management and Inspection