Henderson Hospital Steam Boiler Plant Replacement

This project installed a complete new steam plant including three 125 psig package boilers (total 70,000 lb/hr), DCS control system, and all auxiliary systems and services. The boilers are natural gas and light oil fired, with a low NOx burner system.

CHA initially carried out a study of the relative merits of upgrading the existing plant, built into the side of the Niagara Escarpment, or building a new steam plant. Based on the results of the study, the client chose to build a new plant. Our team was subsequently engaged to provide project management and engineering services.

Project Services:
  • Detailed engineering and design
    • New boilerhouse building
    • Mechanical, electrical and controls systems
  • Construction and installation contract specifications, bid reviews, award recommendations, and contract administration and coordination
  • Site technical supervisory assistance during construction
  • Start-up and commissioning supervision
  • Engineering and design to support the environmental assessments and permit applications as well as liaison with Ministry of the Environment (MOE), Ontario, and preparation of applications for the client