Gun Lake Rebuild

CHA provided design, field review, and construction support services for the rebuild of approximately 5.4 miles of the 46kV Gun Lake (Martin to Hazelwood-Gun Lake) line on the existing centerline. The new line supported 336.4 KCMIL, ACSR, “LINNET” conductors and 5/16” HS Steel shieldwire. The project included accommodation for a future Low Voltage Distribution (LVD) underbuild circuit. The existing line is over 60 years old and unshielded, the intent is to rebuild the line to current 46kV standards. The line was designed to standards similar to 69kV on wood pole structures. The also project included clearance checks to an existing 138kV line in the same corridor.

Project Services:
  • Design
  • Field Review
  • Construction Support