FAGE Environmental Compliance Services

CHA has provided various environmental compliance support services for FAGE’s yogurt manufacturing facility in Johnston, New York. Our staff visited the facility to tour appropriate areas, interviewed personnel, and reviewed associated records. Once complete, we prepared a letter report to document the scope of the audit and associated compliance findings. Our focused environmental compliance audit primarily concentrated on the following activities to evaluate FAGE’s compliance with regulations:

  • Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) TITLE III, Emergency Preparedness and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA)
    • Evaluate materials used/stored onsite to determine which may require reporting (e.g.: TIER I/II REPORTS)
    • Review previous Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) and Form R reporting
    • Confirm if OSHA’s Process Safety Management thresholds are triggered (due to ammonia system capacity)
  • Clean Air Act, Part 112r; 40 CFR Part 68, Risk Management Plan (RMP) requirements for chemical accident prevention at facilities that use extremely hazardous substances.
    • Determined if RMP was required based on ammonia system capacity or other hazardous substances
  • Clean Water Act – Stormwater
    • Confirm that the No Exposure Certification is appropriate and no industrial activities have the potential to impact stormwater
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA):
    • Review hazardous waste generation, waste determinations and management procedures
    • Review waste manifests
    • Confirm generator status and associated reporting requirements
Project Services:
  • Environmental Compliance Support
  • Engineering Services, Including Design of Manufacturing Facilities
  • Chemical Bulk Storage/Petroleum Bulk Storage Tank Inspections (annual)
  • Prepared and updated the Oil and Chemical Spill Plans: SPCC/SPR Plan
  • Provided annual oil/chemical spill training for FAGE’s employees
  • EPCRA Compliance: Prepared Tier II and Form R reports
  • Cooling Tower Services (Department of Health Legionella Regulation):
    • Prepared Cooling Tower Maintenance Plan
    • Perform 90-day database updates to NYSDOH
    • Provide Annual Certification
  • Prepared and updated the Emergency Action Plan required under OSHA regulations (29 CFR 1910.38(b))
  • Training