Eye Care Clinic

Various functions of the VA Eye Clinics had begun to scatter as overcrowding necessitated taking space wherever they could find it. CHA was charged with addressing deficiencies in "functional layout… building infrastructure and environmental controls."

On the 7th floor, separate entrances off the elevator and new waiting and sub-waiting rooms alleviate overcrowding and confusion in the Ophthalmology Clinic.

The layout follows the chronology of the patient visit: first-stop functions such as Visual Fields and Pre-testing are close to the lobby and waiting, as are on-your-way-out functions such as Patient Education and administrative support. Staff space has been allocated at the end of the clinical area, out of patient circulation routes but convenient for supporting clinical needs.

On the 8th floor, the Optometry and Low-Vision Clinic expanded and added spaces for administrative functions, shared research functions, a staff lounge, lockers, and provider offices.

The 1950s-era concrete building had no existing air exchange; the clinics were using window air conditioners, and the heating was provided by the original fintube without individual controls. This renovation included fitting new air handling units, with fresh air intake and exhaust, through areas of major renovation.

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