Essar Algoma Steel Cogeneration Plant

The Essar Algoma Steel Cogeneration plant is a 64 MW cogeneration facility that utilizes steel mill byproduct gases (blast furnace gas and coke oven gas) to produce electricity and process steam. The plant includes two Indeck boilers with low NOx burners; a 100 MW Mitsubishi dual controlled extraction steam turbine generator with three uncontrolled feed heater extractions; a steam surface condenser with cooling tower system; four feed heaters; boiler feed pumps; deaerator; gas holder tank; and balance of plant (BoP) mechanical, electrical and control auxiliaries.

The facility was constructed in an existing building onsite and generates electricity at 34.5 kV while providing process steam at 600, 400 and 150 psig for the steel mill. The project included the provision for a third boiler to bring the plant capacity up to 100 MW.

The plant was made under the terms of a 20-year power purchase agreement with the Independent Electricity System Operator of Ontario. The completed facility decreases Essar’s energy costs while taking advantage of byproduct fuels. 

Project Services:
  • Conceptual Plant Design and FEED Engineering (in the Pre-PPA Phase)
  • Specification and technical coordination
    • Steam turbine generator
    • By-product gas-fired boilers
    • Steam condenser
    • Closed feedwater heaters and deaerator
    • Boiler feedwater pumps and condensate extraction pumps
    • Blowdown tanks
    • 13.8 kV-34.5 kV generator step-up transformer and 34.5 kV switchgear
  • Design and construction drawings and documents
    • Main steam, condensate, feedwater, vents and drains piping systems
    • High voltage electrical systems
    • Electrical systems protection
  • Analysis and design of the turbine generator foundation structure