Downtown Columbus Traffic Signal System Retimings

The Columbus downtown signal system is a critical transportation amenity for the city, serving daily commuters, downtown residents, service providers, students, and visitors accessing the city daily. The CHA team is physically inspecting each signal to observe current operations during typical weekday conditions. CHA uses the ODOT Traffic Signal Timing Inspection Form to prepare a list of maintenance and operational items for the Columbus Traffic Operations Manager. The inspection team included several IMSA Level II certified technicians with expert-level knowledge of controllers. CHA is developing a base Synchro model that contains the existing timings and conditions to submit the initial model for city review/approval before proceeding forward. CHA will customize the models for each peak period, including time of day street parking restrictions, time of day turn prohibitions, and bus-only lanes. An extensive traffic count program will be undertaken to complete the model. The model will be used to coordinate the major corridors and then the remainder of the grid.