D6 District-wide Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Program

CHA provides in-house support services at the District VI Traffic Operations Office as part of the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Program. Services include investigation of citizen requests for mid-block pedestrian crossings; pedestrian mobility enhancements, such as high emphasis crosswalks; and “count-down”-type pedestrian signals with pedestrian crossing signs. 96 requests were investigated in 2014 and improvements were programmed or implemented through “push button” construction contracts at over 30 locations district-wide. The program also includes the performance of Road Safety Audits (RSA) to address Pedestrian and Bicycle safety.

Sample Projects:
  • SR-A1A/Collins Avenue from 79th Street to 87th Street
    Recommendations for traffic signal at 79th Street and overhead RRFBs at 83rd Street and 87th Street to facilitate access to North Shore Open Space Park
  • SR-A1A/Indian Creek from 26th Street to 41st Street
    Performed a pedestrian safety evaluation and lighting study that resulted in signage and marking improvements at existing crossings and upgrades to the lighting system for pedestrians.
  • SR-907/Alton Road at Lincoln Road intersection
    Implemented exclusive pedestrian phase, study, and coordinated with Miami-Dade County Signals and Signs Division.
  • SR-112/41st Street
    Conducted Road Safety Audit focused on elderly drivers and pedestrians
  • SR-915/NE 6th Avenue from NE 145th Street to NE 159th Street
    Evaluation of Mid-block Pedestrian Crossings
  • SR-90/SW/SE 8th Street/SW/SE 7th Street from SR-9/SW 27th Avenue to SR-5/Brickell Avenue
    Pedestrian Mobility and Safety Evaluation
  • SR-5/Truman Avenue and SR-5/Whitehead Street, Monroe County
    Needs assessment for Accessible Pedestrian Signal installation at seven intersection locations.