CPV Gas Metering and Pressure Regulation Station

CHA was contracted to design a 16-inch steel gas pipeline and a gas metering and pressure regulation station to provide natural gas for a power plant. The pipeline takes gas from the Dominion Pipeline system and conforms to Dominion Gas Transmission (DGT) specifications.

Flow Conditions

Source Pipeline: Columbia Gas Transmission Pipeline (MAOP 1250 psig), Dominion Gas Transmission Pipeline (MAOP 1250 psig)

  • Inlet pressure: 800 to 1250 psig
  • Outlet pressure: 500 to 550 psig
  • Design flow rate: 5,500 MCFH
  • Overall estimated project size: $10 Million
Project Services:
  • Conceptual to IFC Design
  • 3D Model Development and 2D Drawing Production
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Engineering
  • System Design Basis, Sizing and Gas Heating Calculations
  • Customized Piping Specification
  • Full Station Bill of Materials
  • Equipment Technical Specifications
  • Supplier Technical Submittal and Documentation Review