Contaminated Soil Remediation and Management

Under the NYSDEC Spills program, CHA prepared a work plan for the remediation of petroleum-impacted soils associated with the fast-paced demolition and construction of the Schenectady Bureau of Services’ facility on the same site.

Soil contamination at the site was a result of historic fill and multiple leaking underground storage tanks, including heating oil, gasoline and diesel fuel tanks. CHA prepared soil management and handling plans and provided on-site inspection during the soil remediation program, which included excavation and off-site disposal. A portion of the contaminated soils were land-farmed as a cost-effective alternative to off-site disposal.

During the construction of a retaining wall, impacted groundwater was identified near the property line. As a result of an additional investigation, CHA demonstrated that the impacts resulted from an adjacent gas station. The retaining wall back drain was rerouted to a nearby sanitary manhole to allow for treatment of low level contamination by the city’s wastewater treatment plant.

During field activities, CHA was responsible for coordinating excavation locations, field screening soil, documenting the contractor’s daily activities, tracking off-site disposal and backfill quantities, scheduling, and post-excavation soil sampling. We also prepared the final remediation report.

Project Services:
  • Soil Sampling and Characterization
  • Work Plan Development for Contaminated Soil Management/Removals
  • Negotiations and Interface with NYSDEC Spills Group
  • Oversight of Contaminated Soil Removals and Field Screening of Soils
  • Development of a Final Remedial Activities Report (Closure Report) for Submission to NYSDEC