Clearwater Water and Reclaimed Water Program Management

The City of Clearwater has embarked on a long-term, system-wide potable water and reclaimed water main assessment and replacement program with CHA. The program includes the conceptual routing, design, permitting, and construction services for pipeline improvements that are in keeping with the big-picture goal of renewing critical infrastructure and the assessment and replacement methods to minimize impacts to service and critical roadways.

CHA is currently working on the design and will provide resident project representative and construction services for the following projects:

  • South Fort Harrison Avenue water mains replacement of 2,500 feet of 6- and 8-inch cast iron pipe
  • State Road 60 water main replacement of 10,700 feet of 20-inch concrete pipe
  • Drew Street water main replacement of 3,150 feet of 6-inch cast iron pipe
  • Spring Creek water main replacement of aerial crossing at Betty Lane
  • Memorial Causeway reclaimed water mains replacement of 8-inch cast iron pipe
  • Extend 16-inch ductile iron reclaimed water main from Pierce Street to Druid Road
  • Loop various dead-end water and reclaimed water lines to enhance water quality
  • Various water and reclaimed water main and valve replacements
  • Section and oversight of point repair contractor for water and reclaimed water mains
  • Perform additional hydraulic and water quality modeling
  • Complete pipeline assessments