City of Noblesville CSO Central Storage Basin

The long-term control plan (LTCP) for the City of Noblesville consisted of five phases, including a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) expansion, interceptor installation, and combined sewer separation. CHA designed phase three of the LTCP, which included the design and installation of:

  • Two relief sewers to address combined sewer overflows (CSOs)
  • A 2.2 million gallon CSO storage basin at their WWTP to provide CSO runoff treatment

CHA chose a buried cast-in-place concrete tank for the storage tank due to the limited space available at the WWTP being located within the White River floodplain. The CSO tanks are drained via twin 2.5 MGD submersible dewatering pumps. The controls for the CSO tanks were designed to integrate with the existing plant SCADA system so that the pump speed is varied to maximize the flow at headworks without overloading the plant. CHA also completed bidding and construction administrative services.

Project Services:
  • Sewer and Detailed Storage Tank Design
  • Bidding and Construction Administration