City of Indianapolis St. Clair Place Green Infrastructure

CHA worked with the City of Indianapolis’s Office of Sustainability to create an urban design and infrastructure project as part of the 2012 Indianapolis Superbowl Legacy Project. The St. Clair Place neighborhood on the city’s near east side represents a classic early 20th Century urban, single-family, historic neighborhood. However, poor infrastructure, disinvestment, and lack of important amenities have created significant challenges to revitalization and reinvestment in the area.

This project established St. Clair Place as a local, regional, and national model for sustainable infrastructure development, and the project serves to establish a revitalized sense of place by creating character-giving enhancement of neighborhood identity. The neighborhood and the City of Indianapolis expressed a strong desire for this project to incorporate significant green initiatives and achieve LEED-ND certification. Stormwater within the project area is treated in a variety of natural ways to reduce the volume and velocity of water entering the existing combined sewer system.

This project, part of a larger public/private redevelopment effort, includes significant improvements to the urban aesthetic as well as neighborhood infrastructure including:

  • Design and construction of “green” alleys using pervious concrete pavement and alternative storm water management techniques
  • Road resurfacing, new sidewalks, and new curbs
  • Lining of existing combined sewers
  • New sanitary sewers to serve currently vacant lots or structures that will be redeveloped
  • Design and construction of urban rain gardens
  • High-intensity streetscape along the neighborhoods primary commercial corridor
  • District-wide street lighting
  • Incorporation of green and sustainability best practices throughout the project
Project Services:
  • Project and Client Management
  • Urban Design Oversight
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Green Infrastructure Design and Engineering
  • Maintenance of Traffic
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Agency Coordination
  • Public Outreach