City of Doral Traffic Management

The City of Doral has a pressing need to alleviate traffic congestion along its major arteries. CHA consults for the City of Doral to identify and implement traffic relief strategies, including:

  • Arterial management strategies
  • Field and traffic data reviews for signal retiming updates
  • Advising on implementation of the City’s Traffic Management Center with installation of additional ITS devices

Development of capital improvement projects to provide additional capacity at known bottleneck locations such as NW 107th Avenue, NW 97th Avenue, NW 87th Avenue, NW 79th Avenue and SR-826/Palmetto Expressway. Capital improvements must go through an evaluation and conceptual design process to determine potential right of way impacts, utility, drainage, and other roadway design elements to estimate construction costs.

The following tasks are provided within the contract:

  • Development of City of Doral Congestion Management Plan
  • Establish Baseline Operational Conditions along Major Arterials CCTV Camera Deployment Plan
  • Implementation of Arterial Performance Monitoring along Doral Boulevard