City of Covington Water Treatment Plant Improvements

In 2011, CHA developed a preliminary engineering report for the City of Covington’s water treatment plant. The focus of the report was to replace existing equipment that had reached the end of its service life, provide more efficient operations, modernize the treatment plant, and implement a plant and system-wide supervisory control and data acquisition system.

The plan’s priorities were established based upon a matrix system of high, medium, and low priorities. To meet budgetary requirements and reduce impacts to the customer, the City of Covington implemented the high and medium priority improvements. The plan was utilized to secure approval from the Virginia Department of Health and funding from the Virginia Resources Authority. The high and medium priority improvements had an estimated construction cost of $2.25 million.

Recommended improvements included:

  • Replacement of traveling screen and raw water pumps along with variable speed drives
  • Installation of hoseless sludge withdrawal system with handrails in sedimentation basins
  • Replacement of rate of flow controllers on the four filters as well as loss of head indicators
  • Replacement of finished water pumps along with new variable speed drives
  • Addition of pump control valves and a variety of valve replacements
  • Miscellaneous improvements to the clear well
  • Chemical feed system improvements for polymer, fluoride, corrosion control, and chlorine as well as level monitoring of the existing alum tank and new dry feed controllers
  • Miscellaneous water treatment plant building improvements
  • Replacement of motor control centers
  • Installation of a SCADA system for process control and monitoring at the treatment plant as well as remote monitoring of five water storage tanks and three booster pump stations
Project Services:
  • Preliminary Engineering Report