Project : City of Covington Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

City of Covington -- Covington, Virginia

The City of Covington owns and operates a 3 MGD wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) with a discharge to the Jackson River. This WWTP is subject to high flows during periods of heavy rainfall. In 2010, the City entered into an agreement with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) to correct bypasses at the treatment plant and overflows in the collection system. The plant was last upgraded in the late 1980s, and numerous equipment and process deficiencies needed to be addressed.

A summary of the design components is as follows:

  • Upgrade the headworks facility, including a new mechanical screen, compactor and grit classifier
  • Refurbish primary clarifier drives and install new weirs and baffles.
  • Upgrade and expand the interstage pump station to enable the peak hydraulic capacity to be increased from 5 MGD to 9 MGD
  • Evaluate and correct hydraulic bottlenecks to enable the conveyance and treatment of up to 9 MGD. These upgrades eliminate most of the bypasses associated with the treatment plant.
  • Refurbish secondary clarifier drives and install Stamford baffles and clarifier inlet dispersion baffles to improve flocculation and settling
  • Install a new ultraviolet disinfection system to treat a peak wet weather hydraulic of 9 MGD
  • Upgrade the anaerobic digester mixing system with external draft tube mixing and refurbishment of the boiler and heat exchanger
  • Phase the boiler and heat exchanger with the new Stirling engine that was previously installed as part of the VDEQ special stimulus program
  • Replace progressive cavity pumps, sludge cake conveyor, polymer feed system, and centrifuge with new equipment

This project was completed in 2012. CHA secured project funding through the VDEQ Virginia Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund Program. As the City’s Engineer, CHA continues to provide on-going assistance to the City with its wastewater treatment facilities.

Services Provided by CHA:
  • On-going Engineering Assistance