City of Albany Quail Street Green Infrastructure

The Albany Water Board is collaborating with the Albany Pool Communities to reduce combined sewer discharges to the Hudson River and improve water quality conditions. The City of Albany has historically experienced flash flooding and system surcharging issues throughout the Beaver Creek sewershed, with frequent and substantial damages occurring within the Quail Street Neighborhood along Elberon Place.

The Albany Water Board is implementing a combination of “grey” and “green” solutions within Quail Street Neighborhood and surrounding urban areas to abate street flooding, system surcharging, and combined sewer overflows (CSOs) in an effort to improve the city’s infrastructure and support the sustainability of important neighborhoods. The infrastructure improvements will improve the quality of life and community health for residents, helping to relieve barriers to development and economic opportunities.

Project Services:
  • CSO Abatement
  • Green Infrastructure Practices
  • Landscape Architecture
    • Wayfinding
  • Passive Control Design