Checkered House Bridge Widening

The Checkered House Bridge was originally constructed after the epic 1927 flood, and it is one of only three Pennsylvania trusses still remaining in Vermont. Unfortunately, this bridge was structurally deficient and needed to be rehabilitated to accommodate modern transportation loads and widened to allow safe passage of vehicles.

CHA rehabilitated and widened this 350-foot historic truss bridge while preserving its historic features. The project, a first of its kind, marked the second time VTrans used design-build since it was authorized in 2009. In an unprecedented move, the bridge’s northern truss was disconnected, separated and rolled northwards by 12 feet, 6 inches. To accommodate the in-place widening, temporary jacking supports and foundations were designed for a 1,000-ton lift.

The bridge was fitted with new cast-in-place concrete abutments due to the poor condition of the original foundation. The bridge was rehabilitated with a lightweight Exodermic® UHPC deck to accommodate a Level 1 load rating. To preserve its authenticity, the bridge was reconnected using parts easily discernable from its original features.

  • 2014 ACEC National Honor Award
  • 2015 NCSEA Excellence in Structural Engineering Award
  • 2014 IBC Abba G. Lichtenstein Medal
  • 2014 Vermont ACEC Engineering Excellence Grand Award
  • 2014 FICE Engineering Excellence Structures Grand Award
  • 2014 ENR Best Bridges New England Region
Project Services:
  • Lead Designer
  • Structural Design
  • Highway Design
  • Level 1 Load Rating
  • Construction Support