Charter Oak Bridge

Our team was selected to deliver the final design to address safety issues associated with congestion and operational performance of Interchange 29 where I-91 northbound exits to the Charter Oak Bridge. We designed the widening of I-91 northbound to increase the number of lanes and reconfigured the spans of the Charter Oak Bridge. The widening plan requires significant modifications to seven corridor bridges and construction of a new two-lane, 800-foot, five-span bridge to support a new off-ramp. The new exit ramp bridge will be a continuous trapezoidal box girder bridge with hammerhead piers and a straddle bent pier intended to decrease traffic congestion.

Our team also designed significant strengthening measures necessary for the existing Charter Oak Bridge based on our load rating analysis using full finite element modeling of the entire bridge and a strain gauge investigation to verify actual live load stresses. The existing bridge was also widened by approximately 40 feet with curved, splayed girders spanning more than 270 feet.

Project Services:
  • Bridge Design
  • Highway Design
  • Community Outreach
  • Water Resources
  • Survey
  • Unique stability solution for widening curved, splayed structure
  • Unconventional materials to mitigate settlement concerns
  • Unique pier design to span existing highway
  • Complex design/load rating pushing code limits