Building 5 Renovation

This project involved the full abatement and renovation of a 225,000 SF, six-story office building. The abatement removed asbestos fireproofing from all levels of the building as well as thermal system insulation (TSI) associated with mechanical systems, contaminated ceilings and floor tile. The project also removed the existing curtain wall system to allow for replacement with a more energy efficient system. Hazardous materials associated with the window wall removal included asbestos-containing caulks and sealants, asbestos fireproofing, and PCB-containing caulks and sealants.

CHA provided a hazardous building materials survey and design services. We performed inspections and contracted for bulk sample analysis on an expedited timeframe. The CHA team also developed specifications and plans outlining all required removals, in addition to the submission of a site-specific variance for alternative work practices to the NYSDOL Asbestos Control Bureau for approval.

CHA remained closely involved with the project throughout the construction phase. We maintained ongoing communication with NYSDOL to ensure all activities were completed in compliance.

Project Services:
  • Hazardous Materials Inspection (Asbestos, Lead Paint, PCBs, Mercury Switches, Mold, Guano, etc.) and Preparation of an Inspection Report
  • Development of Abatement Design Documents and Remedial Cost Estimates
  • Development of NYSDOL Site Specific Variance and Negotiations with NYSDOL
  • Bid Evaluation and Review
  • Construction Phase Services: RFIs, Information Bulletins, Change Order Scoping, Variance Re-Openings, Sampling of Discovered Materials