BRWA Lakes to Forest Water Line Extension

The Bedford Regional Water Authority (BRWA) Lakes to Forest project was performed to provide a reliable source of water to residential, commercial and industrial users in Bedford County. The project installed a new 2.5-mile raw water transmission main and a 23-mile finished water transmission main. The selected pipe alignment involved 23 jurisdictional stream crossings within an endangered species watershed habitat, temporary impacts to three wetland areas, and tree removal activities within a threatened bat species habitat.

As part of this project’s environmental permitting requirements, CHA prepared Joint Permit Applications (JPAs) that addressed the proposed engineering and environmental controls designed to minimize potential impacts to the local environment. Follow-up support services included coordination with multiple state and federal agencies and the negotiations of specific permit conditions to protect specific endangered and threatened species.

Project Services:
  • Preparation of Two Joint Permit Applications (JPAs)
  • Wetland Delineations for the JPAs
  • Coordination with State and Federal Agencies to Address Endangered and Threatened (E/T) Species Concerns, Including Acceptable Time-of-Year Restrictions
  • Coordination with Agencies to Confirm Tree Clearing Would Not Impact E/T Bat Species