Brampton Cogeneration Energy Plant

The new energy plant is located in the Algonquin Peel (AP) existing municipal refuse incinerator facility located in Brampton, Ontario. The existing plant has five municipal solid waste-fired incinerators, each generating about 20,000 lb/hr of steam at 600 psig/650°F, and one 9.3 MW steam turbine generator. The new facility supplies steam from the existing incinerators and a new natural gas-fired boiler to a nearby paper mill.

CHA provided engineering services for the installation of a new natural gas fired package boiler, which produces a maximum of 150,000 lb/hr of 250 psig saturated steam, and auxilaries, including a steam pressure reduction/desuperheating station, deaerator, boiler feedwater pumps, condensate pumps, condensate tank, water treatment system, condensate polishing system, plant control system, and electrical auxilaries. The project also involved the installation of 2,000 feet of mostly direct buried pre-insulated steam and condensate lines along Bramalea Road for supplying steam to the Norampac Paper Mill, which required the addition of a 200-foot span pipe bridge and 450 feet of major road crossing.

Project Services:
  • Detailed engineering
    • Equipment layout
    • Piping design
    • Building modifications
    • Access platforms
    • Equipment foundation design
  • Detailed design
    • Medium and low voltage electrical systems
    • Steam supply and condensate lines
  • Preparation of equipment bid specifications and bid reviews
  • Technical coordination with the installation contractors