Bath County Pumped Storage Station Deformation Monitoring

CHA designed and implemented an upgraded geodetic deformation monitoring program for the Bath County Pumped Storage Station, the world’s largest pumped storage hydroelectric power facility. The upgraded program incorporates new robotic and digital surveying instrumentation, better data processing and analysis methods, and improved minimum deformation detection threshold levels.

±3.0 mm horizontal displacements and ±1.0 mm vertical displacements at the 95.0% confidence level can now be detected at the facility. The initial three-year contract included the development of a deformation specification document for the monitoring program. We were awarded a six-year contract afterwards to perform annual deformation surveys under the revised program.

Project Services:
  • Deformation Monitoring Program Assessment
  • Geodetic Monitoring Program Design and Upgrade
  • Preparation of a Deformation Specification Document
  • Annual Deformation Monitoring Surveys
  • GPS Geodetic Control Surveys