Atlanta Communications, Operations and Maintenance Program

As prime consultant, CHA was responsible for the planning and implementation of improvements encompassing 163 intersections throughout the city of Atlanta to assist in bringing existing traffic signals and equipment up to current standards. CHA worked closely with several stakeholders, including the City and State DOT, to develop a concept of operations to clearly identify, prioritize, and deploy methods of improvement across the city. Some key components from that document included:

  • Intersection Inventories
  • Critical Equipment Upgrade Plan
  • Communication Plan (Interim/Long-Term)
  • Prioritized Maintenance Plan
  • Coordination Plan

Although each of these items was important to the overall success of the project, it was CHA’s successful rollout of the interim communication plan that expanded the project scope from the initial 163 intersections to nearly 1,000 intersections across two counties. Once the communication network was in place for all signals, the CHA team deployed a new signal software to allow for the collection of high-resolution data project-wide. CHA has since configured each of the intersections into the public-facing Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM) platform, which will continue to allow each project stakeholder to access real-time data and improve their signal maintenance and operations practices long after the project’s conclusion.