Albany Landfill Habitat Restoration

CHA and Applied Ecological Services Inc. developed a restoration plan to re-establish approximately 250 acres of inland pine barrens habitat. The restoration plan was prepared in recognition of impacts to the area imposed by the City of Albany’s nearby landfill facility, but it went far beyond the landfill’s specific impacts and considered the broader, cumulative impacts of surrounding development. The plan’s ultimate goal was to convert the vast majority of the landfill and surrounding lands into a restored Pine Bush habitat. The plan outlined a program for restoring and managing native plant communities associated with a comprehensive package of mitigation and enhancement work to be implemented in a series of phases.

Project Services:
  • Wetland Delineation, Permitting and Mitigation
  • Habitat Assessment
  • SEQR Compliance
  • Faunal Surveys
  • Restoration Plan Development
  • Construction Management