Akron-Canton Airport Master Plan Update

CHA developed an airport master plan update, a Part 150 Noise Study update, and a sustainability master plan for the Akron-Canton Regional Airport Authority. These three projects were performed concurrently to maximize shared resources, expedite the overall process, and make efficient use of engaged stakeholder groups. The master planning process began in late 2011, and the Part 150 and sustainability programs commenced in mid-2012.

The Airport Authority’s need to update its full master plan was driven by a need to utilize modern data, the changing airline market structure, and two consecutive years of record-breaking passenger traffic. The comprehensive study took a fresh look at the airport’s facilities and its position within the national airspace system and local communities. The study also defined short-, medium- and long-term development plans that will help the airport meet future aviation demand.

Key project elements included:

  • Complete AGIS Aerial Survey and Mapping
  • A 20-Year Aviation Activity Forecast of Demand
  • Terminal Planning and Expansion Concepts
  • Analysis of Automobile Parking Needs, Facility Expansion, and Off-Airport Competition
  • On-airport Land Use Planning and Commercial Development
  • Airspace Analysis and Feasibility of a Cat-II Instrument Landing System (ILS)
  • An Airport Layout Plan (ALP) Set Consistent with FAA Electronic ALP Initiative
  • A Realistic Implementation Plan, Financial Feasibility, and Revenue Generation
  • A Broad-based Public Involvement Program
Project Services:
  • Master Planning
  • Sustainability Master Plan
  • Land Use Planning