96th Street and Keystone Parkway Interchange and Corridor Improvement

The 96th Street and Keystone Parkway Corridor Improvement project in Carmel and Indianapolis, replaced traffic lights at key intersections with more efficient and safer roundabouts. The primary effort involved a split-grade teardrop roundabout interchange, a six-lane bridge on Keystone over 96th Street, a collector-distributor roadway between 96th Street and I-465, a teardrop roundabout at the interchange, one roundabout on 96th Street, 96th Street reconstruction, and three connector roadways to improve local roadway traffic flow. Four roundabouts were built along 96th Street at its intersections with Priority Way Drive, Delegates Row, Gray Road, and Hazel Dell Parkway. Each roundabout incorporated drainage improvements and pedestrian access on both sides of 96th Street.

The corridor improvements overwhelmingly succeed in reducing delays, achieving a recommended level of service, improving air quality, and greatly improve safety. Daily users will enjoy a noticeably faster commute, with travel times reduced by upwards of 15 minutes.

  • 2020 Indy Chamber Monumental Awards – Honor Award
  • 2021 ACEC National Engineering Excellence Awards – National Recognition Award
  • 2021 ACEC Indiana Engineering Excellence Awards – Grand Project Award
Project Services:
  • Preliminary and Final Design
  • Construction Inspection and Administration
  • Drainage Design
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Permitting
  • Traffic and Transportation Engineering
  • Public Outreach