News : CHA's Utilities Infrastructure Market Grows Its Team

March 28, 2019

Utility customers are expecting an increased level of reliability. To meet these expectations, utilities are modernizing the grid, hardening their electric transmission and distribution systems, and replacing aging equipment. CHA is growing to support its New England, New York, Mid-West electric, and Mid-Atlantic utility client’s reliability programs.

Meet the newest members of the CHA Team, experienced in providing support to utility clients.

Nabil Ayad, P.E. | Senior Engineer, Section Manager

Nabil has more than 30 years of experience in the planning, engineering, design, and construction of power transmission and distribution, open-pit mining, and oil and gas facilities. He is highly experienced in engineering supervision and management, project control, design and construction, feasibility studies, and problem solving. He has a strong technical background in regulatory and environmental permitting, technical and economic feasibility studies, cost estimates, and construction support.

Sean Martin | Prinicipal Utilities Specialist

Sean has over 30 years of increasing responsibility in the electric utility industry, specifically in operations, safety and environmental management. He has developed a top performing multi-state electric transmission safety and environmental organization and implemented a strong electric transmission/distribution and gas distribution contractor safety and environmental program. He also has leadership experience in construction and maintenance standards, real estate, employee engagement, trenching and shoring, confined space, hazardous materials, safety observations, and root cause analysis.

Tony Johnson | Principal Utilities Specialist

Tony has more than 38 years of experience in the design and development of electrical transmission and distribution utility systems. From CHA's office in Hartford, Connecticut, he works within our Industry & Energy Group to provide engineering assistance on projects involving electric distribution systems, transmission systems, substations, power generators, and related systems. Tony received his bachelor's degree in Agronomy from the University of Connecticut.

David Bazinet | Prinicipal Utilities Specialist

David is a meticulous and forward-thinking business process manager with a background in emergency planning, work management, programs/procedures/practices/systems, process/procedure implementation, and workforce development. He leverages his strong communication and organizational to effectively train a workforce to adhere to best practices and new processes. Over his 40+ year career in the industry, he has worked extensively with transmission, distribution, capital construction, and emergency response activities.

Amanda Grant | Assistant Project Engineer

Amanda has over six years' experience in the transmission and distribution industry focusing on civil and structural design. Before working as a consultant, Amanda spent time as a project engineer at an electric company and is familiar with the demands and concerns that face a utility. Her project experience includes designing and modeling transmission lines for public improvements, system reliability and integrity, solar interconnect, and other customer driven connections.

Anthony Nguyen | Assistant Systems Analyst

Anthony has a proven track record of taking ownership and driving results, with the ability to dive deep into data and solve problems that are viable solutions to businesses. Through his experience as a sales consultant and financial advisor in the insurance industry, he has cultivated a reputation for professionalism and exemplary ethics along with the strength to identify customer needs. He has extensive technical expertise with MATLAB, Java, C#, Visual Basic, HTML, JQuery, XML, CSS3, Unigraphics, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Creo, Adobe Photoshop, MASTERCAM, CAMM-3, Invention Machine, Audio/Visual tech, QuickBooks, CRM Sugar, and Minitab.

Eric McEnaney | Assistant Systems Analyst

Eric gained field experience while finishing his degree at SUNY New Paltz. Most recently, as an intern with the Ulster County Department of the Environment, he utilized his GIS skills for data analysis on various projects, including the use of both existing data as well as data collected in the field. He also assisted with data management and conducted assessment of road-stream crossings along country and town roads. He is proficient with ArcMap and QGIS software, and he can operate GPS to collect and manage data.

Nicholas Suffern | Assistant Systems Analyst

Nicholas recently graduated from Pennsylvania State University and is currently achieving LEED AP BD+C and Green Associate certification. His studies focused on alternative energy, energy systems, environmental science and engineering, and business administration. Through past internships Nicholas has created and supervised a counselor-in-training program, performed cost analysis, drafted reports on energy systems, compiled research and data into deliverables, and worked with engineers to produce mechanical designs for devices.

Warren Miller | Assistant Systems Analyst

Warren has an educational background in systems analysis and design, database management systems, applied business programming, telecommunications technology, and IT project management. In college, he was the Winner of the Systems Analysis and Design Competition for his development of a multifunctional website for hiring people to perform tasks. His expertise includes system requirements (FR, NFR, BR), requirement modeling (Use Case, Activity, SSD), Agile, UML, and SQL.

Shannon Cook | Project Coordinator

Shannon is a results-driven, detail-oriented professional with an extensive 26-year background in civil/mechanical engineering, specializing in manufacturing processes, union/management relations, safety coaching and adherence, management, and project coordination. Her expertise includes safety processes, SME, manufacturing and mechanical processes, Union workforces, and interviewing. She has also implemented successful training and development programs specifically around developing teams, Global Manufacturing Systems, TPM, ABS, Six-Sigma, and Problem Solving.

Ben Wenke | Engineer

Ben is returning to his role as an engineer in CHA's Industry & Energy Group providing utility engineering services from our office in Hartford, Connecticut. He previously worked on electric distribution survey and design projects in Connecticut. He led quality assurance/quality control for distribution feeder hardening, reconductoring, SCADA upgrades, and underground designs. Ben also supported 2017 hurricane relief efforts in the U.S. Virgin Islands, performing damage assessments surveys. 

Evan Lunda | Assistant Systems Analyst

Evan brings a technical background in utility systems, including geographic information systems (GIS) and global positioning systems (GPS). He is experienced with inspecting and compiling data on power lines, electric utility equipment, and telecommunication facilities attached to utility poles. He also is skilled in assessing telecommunication and power space for potential hazards, using field computers with GPS to record data at utility poles, coordinating with landowners, and performing quality control.

James Falvey | Senior Utility Specialist

Jim has more than 30 years of experience assuming staff and supervisory roles with SNET, SBC Global, ATT, and Frontier. He has fostered innovation and worked cross-functionally to drive performance and deliver results. He has designed, developed and implemented complex processes, functional methods, procedures, standards, and guidelines for utility projects. His skills include construction project planning, time/labor estimating, staff scheduling, managing budgets, and process improvement.

Cassondra Rasmussen | Assistant Systems Analyst

Cassondra is highly practiced with GIS applications and GPS technology in both academic and professional settings, possessing nearly five years of experience with the systems. She is also a certified notary public and familiar with government structure and public forums. Her responsibilities have included analyzing data from inspections, managing large customer and inventory databases, generating financial reports, and coordinating with field crews.

John Urban | Assistant Systems Analyst

John is an experienced utility systems specialist and production technician. He is skilled at gathering data using ESRI Collector for ArcGIS and mapping and map interpretation using ESRI Arc 10.5, in addition to using engineering drawings, KMZs, and various source data provided by clients. He has also served as a new construction, NESC violation, and quality control inspector for CATV installations. He received his B.A. in Geography from Villanova University.

Devan Mackey | Assistant Systems Analyst

Devan has more than 7 years of customer service experience within the cable, telephone, and internet provider industry. He is a skilled communicator who is able to effectively address customer concerns and assist with billing, sales and work order requests via telephone, online chat, and face-to-face interactions. In his previous roles, he has acted as a reliable mentor and motivator, often leading training, coaching and review sessions to improve overall performance.

Nicholas Makarowsky | Assistant Systems Analyst

Nick is a computer science graduate from University at Buffalo. He is experienced with installing new computers, handling network cables and connections, optimizing hardware and software installations, and troubleshooting with users to solve their issues. Nick's computers skills include Linux Ubuntu, Jupyter Notebook, Wireshark, Active Directory, RSA Tokens, BMC Console, and LogMeIn123. He is also familiar with JavaScript, C++, Python, C, SQL, and R programming languages.

Dakota Bailey | Assistant Systems Analyst

Dakota is a recent graduate of SUNY Oneonta with 10 years of experience working as part of a landscaping crew as well as time spent on a construction crew. He is a skilled communicator, thinks proactively, and effectively prioritizes to complete tasks. Recently, as a GIS development intern, he acquired experience researching U.S. National Grid coordinates, digitizing utility permits, mapping access points and base stations, and geoereferencing historic maps.

Mark Montoro | Assistant Engineer

Mark is a recent civil engineering graduate with a lifelong passion for building, bridges, roads, and other structures. Over the past two summers, he has interned as an engineering technician, received ACI Level I Certification, and gained practical hands-on experience designing structures with steel materials and transportation and highway engineering. He is able to coordinate teams and utilize available resources to provide high quality solutions.

This reliability work will benefit electric customers in our regions for many years. We’re also adding several new positions to our Norwell Massachusetts office. Learn more about the career opportunities at CHA.