News : CHA Earns Merit Award in Virginia ACEC 2018 Engineering Excellence Awards

January 10, 2018

CHA is pleased to announce it has earned a Merit Award in the ACEC Virginia 2018 Engineering Excellence Awards (EEAs) for its University of Virginia’s (UVA’s) heating plant hot well replacement project. 

The UVA and CHA team configured a temporary bypass system that prevented any interruption to the UVA Hospital and connected academic, research and administration buildings. With the campus distribution system operating, the original hot well was demolished, and the replacement hot well was field fabricated in place using 316 stainless steel. Configuration improvements included upgraded access for service, maintenance and inspection. 

Continued operation of the heating plant was essential to UVA operations, and the hot well is a key component that required replacement and improvement without impact to the campus community.   This project showcases what engineering community professionals can accomplish when multiple entities commit to innovative solutions to challenges that could impact a large portion of the public.