Solid Waste

CHA’s background in solid waste collection, management, and resource recovery reflects hundreds of successful projects of varying sizes and complexity throughout the United States. We have completed over 100 landfill projects, 30 approved cost-saving variances, 50 landfill construction closure projects, 10 landfill reclamation engineering projects, and 10 footprint reduction projects, as well as the first use of paper sludge as a landfill cap in New York and New Hampshire.

Much of our work involves solid waste management plans and recycling studies. Our plans and studies typically include investigations of the recoverable materials in the waste stream, evaluation of separation technologies, development of recycling plans, evaluation of program economics, and pilot programs.

Our solid waste services include:
  • Biosolids Residuals and Solid Waste Management Planning
  • Transfer, Haul and Disposal Logistics and Designs
  • Liner and Containment Designs
  • Construction and CQA Services
  • Water Quality and Regulatory Compliance
  • Leachate Treatment and Recycling
  • Biogas Management and Utilization
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Sustainable Solutions