Traffic and Intelligent Transportation Systems

Congestion has grown substantially in our nation’s metropolitan areas over the past 20 years. During this era, the travel time reliability of our infrastructure has become more volatile and less consistent due to aging infrastructure, outdated technology and higher demand for the capacity of our roadways.

CHA’s Traffic and ITS team provides planning, analysis, modeling, and design development for public and private sector clients. Our team of traffic engineers, transportation planners, and technical staff provide a comprehensive breadth of knowledge and experience in all facets of modal mobility, accessibility, safety, technology, and deployment. From roadside sign inventories and safety audits to the latest intelligent transportation system (ITS) innovations and applications, our professionals are adept at managing the entire design development and implementation process.

Our traffic and ITS practice services include:

Studies and Analysis

  • Traffic Forecasting and Capacity Analysis
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • 2D and 3D Traffic Simulation and Modeling
  • Interchange Justification/Modification Studies
  • Innovative Intersection/Interchange Studies
  • Safety Analysis and Roadside Audits
  • Operational Improvements Analysis and Studies
  • Corridor and Feasibility Studies
  • Intersection Control Evaluation Studies
  • Transportation Planning/Complete Streets

Design Development

  • Freeway and Local Street Signing
  • Roadway Lighting
  • Traffic Signal and Signal System Design
  • Traffic Signal Communication Design
  • Roundabout and Innovative Intersection Design
  • Pavement Marking Design

Traffic Signal Operations and Maintenance

  • Integrated Arterial/Corridor Active Management
  • Traffic Signal Timing and Optimization
  • Traffic Signal Performance Metrics
  • Ground Level Preventative Maintenance
  • Traffic Signal Contractor Supervision and Inspection

Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Regional ITS Architectures
  • ITS Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) Design
  • ITS Integration and Networking
  • Installation and Troubleshooting of ITS Devices
  • ITS Construction Inspection and Administration