Bridges and Structures

Underlying every challenge is an opportunity waiting to be discovered. Nearly one out of every ten bridges is structurally deficient. As the average age of our nation’s bridges nears 50 years, successful bridge projects must balance complex analytics, engineering innovation and context sensitivity with economic prudency and long-term feasibility. CHA’s bridge professionals incorporate collaborative and diverse thinking with practical and cost-effective designs that responsibly improve mobility and safety. We have inspected, designed, managed and overseen the construction of a wide array of grade separated crossings, retaining systems, and conveyance structures throughout the United States.

Our transportation structure portfolio encompasses all project types from simple culverts to major award-winning signature structures, from moveable rail and nautical structures to airport taxiways, from historical arches and trusses to timber covered bridges, and everything in between for pedestrians and vehicles alike.

In the past two decades alone, our nationally recognized bridge experts have inspected more than 21,000 bridges, identified deficiencies, and proactively prevented problems.

Our bridge services include:
  • Bridge (Concrete, Steel and Rail) Design, Evaluations and Inspections
  • Contractor Services
  • Temporary Walls and Bulkhead and Seawall Design
  • Demolition Plans for Steel and Concrete Structures
  • Crane and Equipment Load Verifications
  • Fatigue and Fracture Studies
  • Hydraulic Studies
  • Scour Design Solutions
  • Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)