Building Your Career at CHA

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Founded more than 60 years ago, CHA has grown into an innovative, full-service firm with offices located throughout the United States and Canada. Our market-based company structure allows each employee to work closely with leading experts in their industry on a wide range of projects. Employees can travel to various on-site locations and gain hands-on experience that will help them develop into top performers in their field.

Our professionals have refined their technical and business development skills to the point where they have a reputation among their clients as knowledgeable and trustworthy business partners. CHA promotes, encourages and rewards those who continue to build their practice, and we give every new employee the tools to do the same.

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Becoming a part of CHA will provide you with the ability to work on challenging and professionally stimulating projects alongside experts in the field and offer opportunities for travel and relocation.

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CHA’s Technical Excellence Program is our most significant initiative to support staff development, enhance the quality of our services, raise client satisfaction, and expedite the growth of the firm. Chief Engineers support CHA's Director of Engineering in the management of the program, which focuses on four major components: Technical Quality, Technical Training, Project Management, and Communities of Practice. These combined programs establish a key part of the foundation for the firm’s future and truly support our aspiration to “Responsibly Improve the World We Live In.”

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As CHA continues to grow, it is clear that our success is a direct reflection of our commitment to professional development. We believe in empowering our employees by making sure they have the time and resources to grow within the organization.

It is essential that we provide professional and career advancement opportunities for all of our employees, which begins with establishing career goals with their direct managers. These discussions occur annually with follow up throughout the year. We’ve also developed career paths for every position within CHA to show our staff how they will progress from right out of school to being an executive in the company. We understand the importance of continuing education for an employees’ current or future role at CHA and offer tuition reimbursement, support and rewards accordingly.

CHA provides financial support to employees who continue their education to help advance professionally in their current or future position at CHA. We encourage employees to expand their educational background, which will have a positive impact on their professional development, skill set, and knowledge in their area of expertise.

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We believe employees should always have the time and resources for professional development. We offer a well-rounded selection of technical and business management training sessions through our online training platform. Employees can use our system to obtain their credits online for any of their necessary licensures and certifications. The Online Learner Center is an in-house online learning tool that contains over 1,500 courses approved in all 50 states. The program is available to employees 24/7 and allows our licensed and certified staff to earn recertification credits through virtual courses. We also support and reward employees who pursue continuing education for their current or future role at CHA.