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CHA Consulting, Inc. is an innovative, full-service engineering consulting and construction management firm working to responsibly improve the world we live in. With decades of experience, CHA brings together the talent, technology, and partnerships to meet our clients’ evolving needs. Located throughout the United States and Canada, we provide a wide range of planning and design services to public, private and institutional clients.

Our talented professionals strive to elate our clients in everything we do. We act as your single point of contact from start to finish, utilizing technology advancements and adapting teams, schedules, budgets and services to each unique challenge. Our client focus is driven by trust and collaboration. As your trusted advisor, we design, study, manage, and build projects that enhance our world.

At CHA, engineering and client engagement go hand-in-hand. Providing both yields amazing value… and amazing results.

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Jim Stephenson
CEO, CHA Holdings, Inc. 
President, CHA Consulting, Inc.

CHA is a diverse company with a rich history and exceptional staff. At our core, CHA’s commitment to sustainability comes through in the work we do, in the communities we build, and as we work to create a better, more sustainable workplace. Our diversification across markets, geographies and the services we provide has driven CHA’s success, especially during difficult times.

This past year has presented us with challenges we didn’t anticipate, and our team has risen to meet them, partnering with our clients to address some of the toughest situations they have ever faced. We’ve also undergone a significant change to our business model including an evolution to an even more client and market focused organization, designed to support our growth and goal to become the most client-centered and responsive engineering firm in the industry.

Strong leadership and collaboration centered around sectors and markets form the foundation of our organization. CHA’s sectors include Infrastructure, Buildings, and Power with each of those sectors consisting of targeted business lines. CHA’s markets incorporate the firm’s major client groups: Government, Industry, Utility, Education, and Commercial Development.

I am confident our enhanced structure led by our operating Sector Presidents and supported by the leaders for our business lines, corporate teams, and markets will provide the most efficient pathway for us to meet our broader strategic goals – to strategically plan and invest in key areas, to serve our clients with distinction, and to continue to pursue larger and broader projects as we stay committed to responsibly improving the world we live in.

Please explore our services and accomplishments, and contact me or anyone on our team to learn how CHA can bring our innovative solutions to your challenging projects.

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John Achenbach
John Achenbach, PE

President, Buildings

Dom Bernardo
Dom Bernardo

Executive Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Chatt
Jennifer Chatt

Executive Vice President,
Chief People Officer

Greg Corso, PE
Greg Corso, PE

President, Power

John Hensley, PE
John Hensley, PE

President, Infrastructure

Joe Macrina
Joe Macrina, PE

Executive Vice President,
Operations & Innovation

Michael Platt
Michael Platt, Esq.

Executive Vice President,
General Counsel

Jay Wolverton
Jay Wolverton, PE

Executive Vice President,
Chief Growth Officer

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Sustainability Report

Sustainability is at the core of how we conduct our business. Responsibly Improving the World We Live In is what we do every day to inspire our employees, elate our clients and create value for our employees, clients, business partners, and communities. This long-term value creation enables a growing and sustainable company now and into the future. We invite you to read our 2020 Sustainability Report detailing progress made in CHA’s efforts to create a more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable future against the goals established in our 2019 Sustainability Report.

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Inclusion & Diversity

At CHA, we are committed to the values of inclusion, diversity and equality, and the full participation of all people. These are core company values at the heart of who we are as an organization. While it begins with our aspiration to responsibly improve the world we live in, it goes far beyond that in all that we do in our business and in our personal lives. CHA has and will continue to embrace and celebrate the diversity of voices our employees, clients, partners, and communities represent.

To build diverse teams and a diverse workforce, we leverage recruiting processes to ensure we are identifying and presenting the most qualified and diverse candidates for employment. Beyond our employees, we are committed to meeting our clients’ Minority/Women-owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOB) goals and to the greatest extent possible, maximizing the use of disadvantaged businesses in our contracts. We actively and deliberately establish strong, collaborative relationships with M/WBE and SDVOB firms throughout the country and regularly look for opportunities to partner with them and engage them in our projects.

In 2020, we formed an Inclusion & Diversity Council with more than 20 colleagues from across the organization in support of fostering an environment where every single CHA employee will be fully respected and valued for their contributions, regardless of their differences. Our team will strive to find new ways to interact, to learn from each other, and to improve our world – and we’ll take action that will propel us forward as a company that is progressive, inclusive, respectful, and forward-leaning.