Solid Waste

Experience that can only come from completing 100+ landfill projects

We are a recognized leader in developing innovative solutions to waste management and environmental issues that municipalities, developers and industry face each and every day. Our resume includes:

  • Over 100 Completed Landfill Projects
  • 30 Approved Cost Saving Variances
  • 50 Completed Landfill Construction Closure Projects
  • 10 Landfill Reclamation Engineering Projects
  • 10 Footprint Reduction Projects
  • First Use of Paper Sludge as Landfill Cap in New York and New Hampshire

Our services include:

  • Grant Preparation & Administration
  • Permitting Services
  • Design
    • New Landfill Cells
    • Transfer Stations
    • Materials Recovery Facilities
    • Household Hazardous Waste Management Facilities
    • Composting Facilities
    • Closure
  • Facility Operations & Maintenance
    • Gas to Energy Systems
    • Leachate Management
  • Environmental Monitoring
Solid Waste
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