CHA Power Team

Helping Power Generators Succeed in a Changing Industry
Power Team Logo The CHA Power Team is a unique alliance of two companies, CHA and Gryphon International, who offer a variety of utility infrastructure planning, design, environmental and construction services backed by decades of experience serving private, public and municipally-owned utilities. We offer traditional generation, transmission and distribution experience as well as wind farm siting, solar energy infrastructure feasibility studies, and geothermal system design for clients seeking to tap into eco-friendly energy sources.

Generation Facility Planning/Design
Dual LogoFrom cogeneration feasibility studies to complete planning and design services for large 100+MW gas turbine power plants, the CHA Power Team has the qualifications to help you meet or exceed your operational goals. Our experience includes thermal power generation; boilers and steam plants; electrical, instrumentation, process and industrial work; and interconnections.

Our Services Include:

  • Conceptual & Detailed Facility Design
  • Contract Documents
  • 2D & 3D Design Systems
  • Procurement Assistance
  • Foundation Design & Analysis
  • Field Engineering
  • Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Systems
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Contractor Performance Monitoring
  • Emissions Testing
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment & Reporting
  • Plant & Distributed Controls/SCADA
  • Peer Review
  • Permitting

Electric Transmission System Design
Our team has planned and designed thousands of miles of transmission lines constructed over virtually all types of terrain using wood, steel, and concrete structures. We have extensive experience designing utility infrastructure for various loadings to operate in conditions including ice, wind, hurricanes and tornadoes, as well as special conditions such as narrow rights-of-way.

Our Services Include:

  • Planning Studies
  • Line Routing
  • Field Surveys
  • Sag Calculations
  • Structural Analysis
  • Plan & Profile Preparation
  • Foundation Design
  • Access Road Planning Design
  • Preparation of Plans & Specifications
  • Bid Evaluation
  • Construction Management
  • Final Inspection & Closeout Services
  • Transmission Loss Studies
  • Ownership Negotiations

Transformer and Substation Design Services
Over the years, the CHA Power Team has designed numerous transmission, distribution and industrial substations and switching stations ranging from 750KVA, 15kV industrial types to 300 MVA, 230kV transmission stations. We have also designed mobile transformers and substations up to 25 MVA and 161kV.

Our Services Include:

  • Site Selection Services
  • Planning & Design Documents
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Start-Up Services
  • Operational Testing
  • Final Inspection & Closeout Services
  • Interconnection Agreements

Electric Distribution System Design & Support Services
Our distribution design engineers have experience with lines carrying all distribution voltages currently in use over all types of terrain. Whether your project involves overhead, underground, or underwater routing, we have the expertise to complete each task on-time and within budget.

Our Services Include:

  • Staking
  • Right-of-Way Easement/Acquisition
  • Letting Contracts
  • Bid Evaluations
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Close-Out Documents
  • Final Inspection
  • System Operations Audits
  • Vegetation Management Plans

Support Services to Energy Source Developers

Our Services Include:

  • Civil/Site Engineering & Permitting
  • Survey/Construction Stakeout Services
  • High Definition Laser Scanning
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • Construction Engineering
  • Ecology & Wetland Services
  • Hydrology & Hydraulics
  • Dam investigations, Analysis & Design
  • Public Involvement Strategies
  • Visualization Services

For More Information:
Contact Jim Ryan at (518) 453-3900 or, or visit our websites:

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CHA Power Team
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