Student Outreach

We are committed to ensuring there are enthusiastic and capable newcomers to carry on our work well into the future. By working with students… before they choose a career path… we encourage them to pursue careers in engineering, architecture, planning, surveying, construction, and technology.

To this end, we volunteer for and support a number of organizations dedicated to promoting technical careers. We also develop relationships with students through mentoring, job shadowing, and our own internship program. Some examples include:

  • ACE Mentor Program
    CHA supports the ACE Mentor Program, which fosters Achievement, Commitment and Excellence among young people by helping them discover the rewards of a career in the architecture, construction and engineering industries. The program introduces high school students to careers in our industry by matching them with professionals who meet with them to assist with their project work.
  • Project Lead The Way (PLTW)
    This program encourages students to pursue engineering careers by introducing engineering-related coursework at the high school level. By partnering with school districts around the country, PLTW has developed a sequence of courses which familiarizes students with engineering prior to entering college. Introduction at this level allows students high school students to determine if an engineering career is for them.
  • Student Competitions (Bridge Building, Future Cities, etc)
    Competitions such as Future Cities ( and local/regional model bridge contests also go a long way in fostering students’ interest in planning, design and engineering. Our staff volunteers as event organizers, mentors, and judges for these competitions.
  • CHA Internship Program
    Many of our current staff started their careers as interns. In addition to getting real world experience and developing relationships with our professionals, CHA’s interns become familiar with our culture and business practices. More information on our internship program, including our college recruiting fair schedule, can be found on our College Students page.
  • Job Shadowing
    Job shadowing is a great way for students who are interested in our industry to learn about what an engineer, planner, landscape architect, or other technical professional does on a day to day basis. CHA’s technical professionals are available to host students for a day to educate them about careers in the engineering, planning, survey, landscape architecture, survey, construction, and technology fields. For more information, email us.
Student Outreach
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