Sustainable Business Practices

CHA’s Environmental Policy:
"CHA is committed to sustainable business practices and the enhancement of our environment. We will create a sustainability culture within our company, and establish benchmarks that improve on our achievements year after year. Our goal is to be a leader in the area of sustainable practices within our industry."

Sustainability and Social Responsibility at CHA
We endeavor to incorporate sustainable principles not only into our projects, but in our overall approach to social responsibility. In this spirit, we created an environmental policy in 2007 that aims to reduce the carbon footprint and waste generated by each of our offices. Given the impacts of global warming, rising fossil fuel prices, and the need to preserve our natural resources, it’s clear to us: we have a moral imperative to go green.

We evaluated four major facets of our operations:

  • Products we use
  • Wastes we produce
  • Energy usage
  • Transportation

We began by measuring our carbon footprint and presenting our findings in a Baseline Sustainability Report, which can be downloaded below. As expected, much of our carbon footprint results from transportation impacts. Due to the nature of our business, that cannot change; however we can strive to reduce unnecessary travel. We have programs in place to provide incentives for employees to purchase hybrid vehicles, carpool and take public transportation to work.

In the coming years, we intend to perform energy audits in our own offices and continue to find ways to reduce energy usage and integrate green technology into our operations. Stay tuned.

Our baseline sustainability report can be downloaded here.

Sustainable Business Practices
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