Project Management

Surprisingly few engineering firms take the time to ask their clients for feedback. At CHA, we take the time to ask a cross-section of our clients for their opinion of our services. Again and again, we find that it is our approach to project management that sets us apart from the competition.

For example, when asked to rate their relationship with CHA’s Project Manager, the vast majority of our clients said it was "excellent." They also gave us top marks on the fundamentals of good service: promptly returning phone calls, staying accessible for meetings, and simply being responsive to their needs. In addition, we received high praise for design suitability, accuracy of deliverables, and very importantly, for our ability to set an accurate project budget and stick to it.

What is our "secret" to outstanding project management? Our firm is unique with regard to the resources we devote to training our project managers. In addition to coursework on quality standards and client service, each new CHA project manager undergoes a rigorous Project Management Training program taught by senior staff. Graduates of this program participate in our Advanced Project Management Training program to enhance their skills.

The outcome of this training is shown by the last question on a recent client survey. The question is, "Would you hire CHA again?" When every single one of the clients we surveyed answered "Definitely," we knew our efforts at setting a new standard for project management had proven to be a success.

Project Management
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