Over 60 Years of Engineering Excellence

"If we are to do this work... It must create a neighborhood, as well as a highway, that we can live with and be proud of for decades to come."

John Clarkeson, P.E., Founder

CHA began providing professional engineering services in 1952 from an office in Boston, Massachusetts. The firm specialized in traditional civil, transportation and structural engineering. Early on, CHA made a name for itself winning major civil engineering projects throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic. Work included planning a portion of the "Inner Belt" highway in Boston and providing designs for large portions of Interstate 87 in New York, Interstate 93 in New Hampshire, Interstate 95 in Maine, and Interstate 91 in Vermont.

Since then, CHA has grown into a full service engineering firm providing a broad range of planning and design services in the fields of industrial, power supply and distribution, communications infrastructure, structural, electrical, mechanical, environmental, geotechnical, civil, aviation, rail, and traffic/transportation engineering, as well as landscape architecture, land use planning, surveying, wetland delineation, construction engineering and technology services. Under the guidance of our CEO, Raymond L. Rudolph, Jr., PE, the firm has become an industry leader and expanded its reach worldwide.

Highway Construction Photo

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